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MCC Holding

MCC Holding is the China holding of MCC Group. an international group based in Switzerland specializing primarily in the field of crude oil and natural gas trade as well as refined petroleum products. We are one of the world’s most significant and reputable independent energy players and have a long experience and expertise in this sector.

Our affiliate business groups deal in gas filling stations, compressors, dispensers, gas transport as well as crude oil products like REBCO, SLCO, BLCO, JET FUEL, D2, M100, LIGHT CRUDE OIL, LNG, MEREY16, Aluminum and Bitumen. In addition to oil and gas, we cater to the needs of our customers in the fields of sugar, cement, urea, iron ore, used rails, HMS I & II, scrap, gold and rice requirements of our customers. We are also a United Nations registered company to buy & sell military weapons.

Our business partners which exceed 230 companies with 950 offices worldwide, include large refineries and oil producing companies that are spread out all over the globe including USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Austria, Cyprus, Holland, Turkey, Germany, UK, Japan, Malaysia and India.

We also deal in currency exchange (from Euro to Dollar and vice-versa) as well as financial and management consultancy. Our affiliation with large management and financial consultancy firms around the globe enable us to provide management consultancy services in all of the above fields.

Our business model spans everything from refining to trading. We have a diverse integrated portfolio balanced across resource types, geographies, (energy, gas) businesses, and adaptable to prevailing conditions.

Our supply and trading business connects MCC Holding to the world’s traded markets for crude oil, gas, power, refinery- and petrochemical feed-stock and commodities.

Our wide variety of services include:

  • Refining & Crude OilDownstream and upstream. Crude Oil Refining, Biodiesel & Feedstock
  • ShippingShipment, Bunkering, Chartering and Sub-Chartering, Marine Insurance
  • StorageWarehousing, Tank-Storage and seaworthy Export Packing
  • FinancingSolid financing from the ground up: Project- and Trade Financing, Hedging,
  • InvestmentEnergy Investments, Merging & Acquisition, Start-ups, Partnerships,
  • TradingCounter-trading, Bartering and Swaps, Energy-, Oil, Gas and Commodities